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A film by Sara Broos Documentary 80 min

The director takes her mother Karin Broos, a famous Swedish painter, on a seaside trip to Latvia, hoping to close the silent gap between them. Out of this experience came an intimate and poetic film exploring the innermost rooms of the human mind and the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship.

The younger and the aging woman mirroring each other's experiences - the will to live, and lack thereof. In a meditation on life and art, health and illness, secrets and shame, serenity and nightmare. A cinematic catharsis through evocations of daily life, dreams, archival material, diary notes, the mother's paintings and captivating footage. A glimpse into the unconventional world of an artistic family in the countryside of Nordic Europe, set to a soundtrack that totally draws you into the story.

Directors' statement

I brought my mother to a Spa Resort in Latvia for her 60th birthday. It was our first trip together alone. This would be the time when we would get closer and open up to each other. Everything was arranged to that; the place was lovely, there was time. But a forced silence arised and nothing was said.Instead we escaped into our own worlds. My mother, who is an artist, was looking for motives for new paintings. After the trip I decided to make a film about our relationship, to try to get closer to her. The result is a poetic and personal journey about memories, dreams, the subconsious, the sorrows, shame, aging, self-hatred. Fragments of life. The attempt to hold on to something, while everything is in constant change.



Written, directed, edited and produced by Sara Broos

Cinematographer Billie Mintz, Hampus Linder, Sara Broos

Music Pelle Ossler

Playwright, mentor Stefan Jarl

Project Manager SVT Emelie Persson

Sound Design Patrik Strömdahl

Sound Editing Christian Christensen

Additional camera Kristoffer Andrén, Tina Axelson, Benjamin Goss

Paintings Karin Broos

Graphic Design Greger Ulf Nilson

Grading Nanna Dalunde

Online Mattias Valenca

Visual effects Peter Mettler

Animation Esteban Rivera

Graphics Pier & Pepe Francescshi

Translation Ingrid Eng

Production Controller Jenny Örnborn

Head of Communication Ylva Swedenborg

Outreach Dimitra Kouzi

Lawyer Johan Christianson

Music Producer Christian Gabel

Additional Music Sissela Broos, Kriton Klingler, The Society.

Festival Distribution Sara Rüster / Swedish Film Institute

Sales First Hand Films / Gitte Hansen

Distribution Scandinavia Tri Art Film

Design Presskit David Levin

Produced by Broos Film

in co - production with SVT and Region Värmland

With support from The Swedish Film Institute / Cecilia Lidin &

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

There´sa crack, a crack in everything.

That's how the light gets in (L. Cohen).


Upcoming Screenings:


2 November 20.00

Passage Kinos Dok Leipzig


6 November 14.00

Schaubühne Lindenfels Dok Leipzig


2 September

Theatrical Release Sweden

Distributor: TriArt Film


7 August 2016

Lilla Filmfestivalen Båstad


June 2016

Krakow Film Festival

Documentary Competition


March 2016

Tempo Documentary Festival

Tempo Documentary Award Competition

February 2016 Gothenburg Film Festival

Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary



Broos Film


World Sales

First Hand Films



The Swedish Film Institute



Kouzi Productions, Dimitra Kouzi


The air is stifling. The windows cannot be opened. Still, the thin

curtains flutter, perhaps from a breeze somewhere. Down below we

see the beach and people like little dots. She puts away the camera.

We stand completely still and gaze out. The building moves like a ship,

we drift away, a bird flies straight into the glass. The light falls. The transparent red curtains like fire. The sun melts and disappears into the ocean. ”

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