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Homeland / Homeland

a film by Sara Broos, documentary 14 min

A young woman escapes the war in Syria and ends up in Sweden.

Music is a way for her to survive and brings her back in dreams and memories to her homeland. Memories related to different songs.Specially one song has follow her all her life, a song by the Norwegian popband A-ha. She grew up with their music in Damascus and now when she's in the west suddenly their music has a new meaning and becomes a link between the past and the present. One of her biggest idols is the singer Morten Harket and one day he arrives at her door.

A young woman escapes the war in Syria and ends up in Sweden. The music brings her in the dream back to her homeland. The memories are connected to different songs. One in particular has followed her throughout her life and becomes a link between the old and the new, a song by the Norwegian pop band A-ha.

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Director: Sara Broos

Producer: Sara Broos

Starring Raghad Kanawati & Morten Harket

Camera: Sara Svärdsén, Sara Broos, Simon Olsson,

Kristoffer Andrén, Malek Blacktovich.

Editing: Sara Broos

Graphic Design: Greger Ulf Nilson

Sound: Henrik Ohlin / Cloudberry

Subtitles: Marianne Marthy

Post: Pixl Family

Online: Göran Messelt Olson

Grading: Nanna Dalunde

Production Controller Jenny Örnborn

With Support from The Swedish Film Institute /

Cecilia Lidin and SVT / Emelie Persson & Charlotte Gry Madsen

Music: Sirocco, Morten Harket, Peter Kvint, A-ha.

Still Photography Just Loomis.

© Produced by: Broos Film 2015.

Raghad Kanawati and Morten Harket.

Homeland most popular program

on SVT Play in May 2016

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