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A film by Sara Broos ( Documentary, HD 58/80 min Sweden

Filmmaker Sara Broos invited her mother, the artist Karin Broos, on a holiday trip in connection with her 60th birthday. An attempt to get closer to each other which instead resulted in an intimate and personal film. About the complex relationship between mother and daughter, about depth and surface, about art and diseases, symbiosis and distance. Straight into man's innermost room and psyche, with dizzyingly beautiful photos and an enchanting soundtrack. Deepest seriousness and darkness mixed with humor and lightness through archive images, paintings, diary entries, everyday life and staged dreams.



What happens if you decide to deepen a relationship and really get to know the person closest to you. In this case, my own mother.

How close can you get? I went away with my mother, booked a weekend when we would talk about all the things we had not approached before. Our experiences of destructive adolescence, the sorrows and wounds we have never really dealt with. The place was beautiful and quiet. There was time. It was just us. But nothing was said. Instead, it became a business trip as we distanced ourselves from each other and fled into art.

When I got home from the trip, I thought about why it was so hard to go into the dark and how different we remember things. My mother wanted her daughters not to suffer from the same disease as her. But still I repeated the same pattern and our experiences are frighteningly similar.

I did not want to confront her. Do not blame. There are no traumas or conflicts between us. But a silence, that which has not been worked out. It is easy to hide behind a facade, an image on the outside of being "successful" but completely shattered inside. The talented girl who does everything to maintain the image, who carries a longing for death and a strong self-loathing. Sooner or later, things come to the surface. I decided to make a film, to try to get closer to her and the themes I want to explore with the help of the camera. I knew there was a lot of stuff, stories in her life that could serve as the basis for a movie. Karin uses me and my sisters as symbols or tools in her art.

Now I turn the camera towards her. In an attempt to give a language to experiences and memories that we have not approached before. I have a personal approach in my filming, whether it is about my own family or, as in my previous film Homeland, about a woman from Damascus who fled the war in Syria. I believe that the deeper you dare to go and the more personal and honest, the greater the chance that you will be able to reach others. Because we are basically so similar and carry the same desire, to be loved for who we are.



Written, directed, edited and produced by Sara Broos

Cinematographer Billie Mintz, Hampus Linder, Sara Broos

Music Pelle Ossler

Playwright, mentor Stefan Jarl

Project Manager SVT Emelie Persson

Sound Design Patrik Strömdahl

Sound Editing Christian Christensen

Additional camera Kristoffer Andrén, Tina Axelson, Benjamin Goss

Paintings Karin Broos

Graphic Design Greger Ulf Nilson

Grading Nanna Dalunde

Online Mattias Valenca

Visual effects Peter Mettler

Animation Esteban Rivera

Graphics Pier & Pepe Francescshi

Translation Ingrid Eng

Production Controller Jenny Örnborn

Head of Communication Ylva Swedenborg

Outreach Dimitra Kouzi

Lawyer Johan Christianson

Music Producer Christian Gabel

Additional Music Sissela Broos, Kriton Klingler, The Society.

Festival Distribution Sara Rüster / Swedish Film Institute

Sales First Hand Films / Gitte Hansen

Distribution Scandinavia Tri Art Film

Design Presskit David Levin

Produced by Broos Film

in co - production with SVT and Region Värmland

With support from The Swedish Film Institute / Cecilia Lidin &

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee



2 September

Swedish Cinema Premiere

Distributor: TriArt Film


September Nordic Panorama Malmö

Nordic Documentary Competition


11 August 13.30 Capitol Way Out West


7 August 2016

Lilla Filmfestivalen Båstad


1 June 2016

Krakow Film Festival

Documentary Competition


March 8, 2016

Tempo Documentary Festival

Tempo Documentary Award Competition


1 February 2016 Gothenburg Film Festival

Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary



Broos Film


World Sales

First Hand Films



The Swedish Film Institute


There´sa crack, a crack in everything.

That's how the light gets in (L. Cohen).

The air is stifling. The windows cannot be opened. Still, the thin

curtains flutter, perhaps from a breeze somewhere. Down below we

see the beach and people like little dots. She puts away the camera.

We stand completely still and gaze out. The building moves like a ship,

we drift away, a bird flies straight into the glass. The light falls. The transparent red curtains like fire. The sun melts and disappears into the ocean. ”

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